Clamps / Other
Post and Brackets
Arrow 2 3/8" OD Sign Clamp
Install quickly and easily
Die-cast for maximum durability
You get two complete clamp assemblies with all nuts, bolts, and lock washers
Arrow Back to Back clamps for
2 3/8" OD Posts
Die-cast for maximum durability
Rust-free aluminum
Two complete assemblies include all hardware

Road Caps for 2 38" OD posts
812F-RC for flat blades
812X-RC for extruded blades
Road 90 Crosspiece
812F-90 for flat blades
812X-90 for extruded blades
Road Caps for U-Channel posts
812UC-180 for 180 flat
812UC-90 for 90 flat
812XUC-180 for 180 extruded
812XUC-90 for 90 extruded
Road 24"Wing Bracket
#800 Metro
Road 16 1/2"Wing Bracket
#8 Metro
Road Delineator
Road UChannel